Portable Galvanised Welded Steel Framework Mesh Fence Panels

Portable wire mesh fences with frames have three main components: fence fabrics, fence posts and clips. Our framed mobile fencing products are manufactured complying to Australia standards, while various international standards can be made.

Construction site removable fencing wall system

Frames and other fittings

Framework Metal Fence of PVC Coated Steel Welded Mesh Fabric and Tube Frame

The framed temp fence is portable, modular and free standing fencing. It is a decorative modular panel fence solution for a yard, patio, deck, terrace, outdoor restaurant and other sites control.

Portable fence with frames is moveable, self standing partitions with frames. Our modular fence panel designs come with steel frames, single sided panel or double sided panels.

Framed Welded Mesh

We supply hot dipped galvanised mobile portable fence systems to secure construction sites and for other security uses.

Galvanized Welded Mesh Panel Framed Portable fencing is a quick and economical security solution to secure construction site materials and equipment from theft or vandalism.


Crimped Steel Mesh Mobile Fencing with Feet

Export Markets: Europe, South America, Australian, North America, Asia etc.
Certificates: BV report, CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate, SGS certificate.

Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire
Surface treatment: Galvanized; Galv. +PVC Coated or spraying.
Square pipe for making square column.


Security for construction sites and private property;
Security for residential housing sites and schools;
Safety fences for roads, railway.

Benefits of Framed Mobile Fencing:

Quick installations & removal
No digging or pavement damage
Easy to relocate & stackable
Low cost.

Modular Mesh Panel Security System
Retractable PVC Framework Mesh Fence (Mobile Fence)
, beautiful, durable, no distortion, quick installation, low cost, corrosion-resistant, anti-UV.

Specification of Framed Portable Fence System Style ( PVC Coated Iron Mesh):

Framework Welded Wire Mesh Fence Spotted by 4mm diameter quality mild steel wire
Opening (mm) 75x150
LxW (mm) 1800x3000
Frame (mm) 20x30x1.5
PVC coating thickness (mm) 0.7-0.8
With coating (mm) 4.8
Support posts (mm) diameter 48x2x2200
Base for fence(mm) 500x300x300

Fence Panel Sizes:

Fence Height 
Fence Length(2m) Fence Length(2.5m)
Wire Gauge Wire Diameter 
Weight kg/piece Fixing Pole Wire Gauge Wire Diameter mm Opening cm Weight kg/piece Fixing Pole
Weight kg/set Weight kg/set
60 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 6.5 1.9 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 8.6 1.9
80 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 7.5 2.3 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 9.9 2.3
100 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 8.5 2.7 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 11.2 2.7
120 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 9 3.1 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 11.9 3.1
150 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 11 3.7 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 14.5 3.7
180 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 12.5 4.3 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 16.5 4.3
200 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 13.5 4.7 10#/8# 3.2 4 5X12 17.8 4.7


Hot dipped galvanized mobile fence for Australia, New zealand,  Hot Dip Galvanised coating is 42 microns.

Hot-dipped zinc galvanised steel fence is superior to pre-galvanised mesh fencing. Hot-dipped mesh panels are welded first and then galvanized providing a thick zinc coating over all welds, giving over 3 times the protection of pre-galvanized wire. Pre-galvanized panels are welded after galvanizing, hence the welding parts easily get rusty without being protected.

Specification of Framed Hot Dipped Galvanised Welded Mesh Fence Panels

Wire Diameter 3, 3.2mm
Mesh Size 60*150, 50*100mm
Vertical Pipe 30*30*1.5, 25*25*1.5mm
Horizontal Pipe 25*25*1.5, 20*20*1.2mm
Panel Size 6*10ft, 6*9.6ft, 6*9.5ft
Surface Treatment Powder coated,hot dipped galvanized
Color BlueRAL5010, YellowRAL1021, GreenRAL6005, Orange


We offer modular framework mesh fence panels at economic cost. Custom sizes and specifications are also available upon request to meet your specific needs.

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