Portable Aluminum Fencing Panels


Aluminum portable fence is one of the most popular fence fabrics with the features of corrosion resistance, lightness, pleasing appearance, and minimum maintenance requirements. We supply modern steel hollow section fence panels used for residential fences and swimming pool fencing. Made of aluminum, steel and galvanised steel tubes.

Aluminium is strong and durable yet light and easy to transport and install. Perfect for use around pool areas and in the garden, aluminium is long lasting and rust free. Aluminium fencing is designed to meet Australian Standards.Simple to install, Aluminium fence arrives in pre-made fence panels that attach to aluminium fence posts. The posts can either be installed in-ground or ordered with a base for installing above ground.

Flat Top

Double Top

Picket Top


38 x 25mm  





Panels Height 1100mm,1200mm
Panels Width 2400mm or 3000mm
Gates Width 970mm/975mm

6063 T6 aluminium


green,black,blue,white, yellow, gray, orange, etc.


Aluminum Swimming Pool Fencing

Child safety pool fence is one of our main products. It is made of aluminium tube and special fabric (one kind of polyester mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resistent polyvinyal coating that provides year of using in the harshest sunlight and the most extreme winter) and other fittings.
Regular Size:
Pool Fence Panel Size: 4'' x 6'' , 4'' x 9'' , 4'' x 12'' , 4'' x 15'' , 4'' x 18''
Fence Gate: 30'' x 48'' , 36'' x 48'' , 36'' x 60''

Installation Information:
Durable aluminum swimming pool fence kits for ground swimming pools are easy to install. Popular installation are 6', 9' and 12' with a pole on each end and a pole every 3'

Fence Height: 4' from the ground;
Poles underground is 4";
The part of the pole that goes underground is 1/2" in diameter and made of stainless steel;
The part of the pole above ground is aluminium and PVC and overall diameter of 1".


Decorative Aluminum Fence

Easily assembled aluminum safety fence

Aluminum portable fence is both structural as well as decorative. It provides permanent, maintenance free enclosures, and protective barriers in keeping with contemporary design requirements. Portable fence of aluminum has a natural, trim beauty that is difficult to attain with other fencing material.

Tubular metal fence with pickets protetion for swimming pool safety

Advantages of Using Aluminum Fence instead of Galvanized Chain Link Fences and other metal fences:

Black Vinyl Coated Aluminum Fence Panels in Chain Link Structure
1.Aluminum fence offers inherent resistance in harsh industrial and seacoast atmospheres that cause rapid deterioration in most other metals.
2. Aluminum fence saves maintenance cost: This has become the major factor in the overall cost of a wire fence, as maintenance costs have risen steadily each year.
3. Aluminum fences are high strength installations and can be relied upon under the hardest usage. They resist strains and impacts, often more satisfactorily than traditional materials.
4. Portable fence of aluminum is entirely salvageable - fence locations can be changed, if necessary, and all components re-used, even after a fence has been installed for years.


On a certain extent, aluminum fences are superior to cast iron, which may be lighter and corrode over time. Paint and powder-Coat finishes, make them virtually maintenance free. They are ideal for child safety / pool fencing, and security fences.

Black painted maintenance free aluminum garden fence
of aluminum alloy 6063


We offer modular mesh fence panels while custom sizes and specifications are available upon request to meet your specific needs.

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